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Sleepyhead by Marrok-Milliardo Sleepyhead by Marrok-Milliardo
Working on refining an OC of mine known as Mimzy.
I also wanted to practice texturing fur please let me know what you think.
There’s nothing like sleeping in the middle of the day with your favorite pillow and blanket after a big meal.
I like the pose you picked. It's casual, subtle, and doesn't look forced or trying too hard to be sexy. You also picked a decent colour scheme that works well.
As far as what can be improved, I'll start with the lighting and shading. Your shading on the character is really subtle, and almost completely nonexistant, which could work as a stylistic choice if it carried to the rest of the objects like the matress and blanket. Shading and lighting can really help a mood or setting, and should be something to keep in mind. Shading it like it is mid-day would set a very different mood than shading like it is early morning or night. Shadows and highlights can also help to strategically blend or define areas like her black hair against her black back. I also feel the negative space behind her could have been used more effectively, even just filled in with a single colour or gradient.
Another thing I'd like to bring up is your colouring. In the blanket you have clear white gaps and obvious strokes. A little more time and effort should be taken to avoid this.
As far as the fur texture goes, it orks a bit better on the face which has less white and shorter strokes. Also the texture doesn't follow the flow of fur, but instead the dimension of the body. This is most obvious on the arm and breast. That can be helpful for figuring out shading, but for the final fur texture, you should figure out and follow the direction of the fur. On humans, arm hair points down on the upper arm, diagonally down and slightly to the outside on the forearm, and down and slightly inward on the chest and belly. Also completely pure white fur doesn't really. Most have a slight tint of grey or yellow, and things like shadow and texture show up quite well on white fur.
Some things like anatomy are also an issue. The three most obvious areas are her hand, arm, and breast. Her hand is firstly a bit difficult to figure out where the rest of the arm is. You should make sure to draw the rest of the pose of the arm even if it is hidden behind her head (a similar issue is with the blanket, where it seems to stop but then reappears under her head). Secondly, the anatomy of the hand is just wrong. Not all the fingers should be alligned on the same line, especially not with the thumb. Also the curve of the fingers should match the curve of whatever they're wrapping on. The arm is a bit long, and the musculastructure doesn't look quite right, like it doesn't allign with the shoulder. Her breast is incorrect as it is both too round and the bottom connects behind her armpit.
Overall, decent pose and concept, and a good start on developing texture, but needs refinement.
What do you think?
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I love this picture. I like the female furry form. she looks so kwai. BTW Kwai means cute in Japanese. I like that it may be Tiffany if she was a furry femme. The purple strands of hair fall in just the right way to enhance the cute factor. I want to walk behind her and start massaging her shoulders. But I wouldn't stop there. I won't go into details but lets just say I'd try to make happy. (My Appollogies to my girl friend) Again she is so kwai slepping like that. I like this picture a lot. yerf!
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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November 17, 2012
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